Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slam Clicker, Lobbyist, or Explorer?

Having stayed in a few hotels through work I have come to see three different kinds of hotel guests. Which group do you gravitate toward?

  1. The 'Slam Clicker'
    These are the folks who check into the hotel. They get their key and go to their room. The last sound you hear is the closing of the door and the clicking of the lock, 'Slam Click'. Almost always order room service or delivery food. Never see them again until checkout.
  2. The 'Lobbyist'
    These are some who can't stand to be in their room. They use the room for showering and sleeping. All other times they are in the lobby or common room reading a book or newspaper usually with a television in sight. In the summer you may even find them by the pool. They will go out to eat with the group and maybe a mall. But, not going to wander too far from 'home'.
  3. The 'Explorer'
    These are the adventurous souls that see the inside of the hotel only when they have to. They are always asking locals "What there is to do here?". They will often do prep on the internet and have a game plan for attacking this 'new frontier'. If there is some kayaking, hill climbing, art, museum, historical site, interesting downtown area, countryside to be seen, they are out exploring. They welcome the company of others but are willing to set out on their own if abandoned by the less hardy.
Me? I am usually a 1 or 3, never been a 2.


Monday, January 19, 2009

What Makes For Happiness?

Boy, if I could only have a new car, with new tires, that doesn’t break down. I would be delighted. If I just had that new game system, with those wireless controllers, and that new game that everyone is raving about. I would be exhilarated. If I just had one of those computerized sewing machines that can sew through anything, and makes all those fancy stitches and and creates intricate designs. I would be ecstatic.

I would be so happy!?!?

Would you? Would I?

These things could be pleasing. It is nice to have a reliable vehicle you can depend on. It can be fun to play video games for hours. It could be pleasurable to sew some very cute things.

What happens when the newness wears off. When new has become old and used. Where is the happiness?

True happiness is a chosen state of mind. Contentment is learned.

Happiness can be a fleeting emotion. Based on the things around us, it can come and go on a wisp of wind. But true happiness and joy is a deeper part of your character. It comes from your belief in God and what he has done for you. Joy is what sustains you through winter funks and hard times.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things are Tools

Things we acquire and accumulate in life are just tools. Whether we crave some thing and go get it, or receive it as a gift, it is still a tool. Most things have a designed use. They can be used for their designed task or used imaginatively with mixed results. The same wrench that tightens the bolt, can break the bolt. The same car that takes you to work, to church, can deliver you somewhere you don’t belong. The same hammer that drives the nails to build the house can be used to break and destroy the house. Money can provide shelter and nourishment or it can provide fleeting pleasures, drugs and sins. The television that entertains can detain.

The tool has no mind of its own, it does not demand to be used. It only does what it is commanded. The difference in what is accomplished is determined by the user.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are You A Pack Rat, Also?

Yes, I have been accused of gathering and keeping things way beyond their useful life. I have a shirt from when I was in high school, (yes, it still fits). The list could go on and on. But today, with my 'Creative Soul' mate, I begin cleaning out a file cabinet. This is a four drawer deep file cabinet and it is FULL. Glancing through one drawer the other day I saw a health insurance file from two jobs ago.

Don't get me wrong, I like organization...just not getting rid of things that might be useful someday. The demon awaits, wish us luck that we survive the ordeal. Especially me as I rip through my craving to keep everything, well most everything.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Celsius and Fahrenheit Trivia & Reality

Many, many moons ago, in a little town called Happy, I learned about Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales. We were taught how to convert from one to another, ( you know the divide by 9 multiply by 5 add 32, or was that subtract 32 then multiply......). It was a long time ago.

There is one thing that is simple to remember about the two scales. They both are equal at 40 degrees below zero. Brrrrr that sounds cold.

Well, if you were with me right now in Edmonton, Alberta, you could experience it with me. Yes, it is currently -40 degrees on both scales. And it is COLD!!!!

This is the window frame in my hotel room. The curtain is frozen to the frame. There are double curtains so my room is warm, but, it is definitely cold outside.

As we used to read on postcards sent from California or Florida..."Wish you were here!". Come on up we will chip some ice.