Saturday, May 10, 2008


Once upon a time, well almost that long ago. Some of us pilot people were discussing exercising, you know running vs walking and all the benefits. We didn't come up with any definitive answers but I was exposed to some different opinions.

One gentleman explained his viewpoint on exercising like this: "I figure my heart has so many beats in it then I die. So anytime I speed up my heart rate I am wasting beats I will need later." Interesting logic, don't you think.

His opinion exposes a powerful point. We have a limited number of heartbeats.

That begs the question what am I doing with my heartbeats.

I admit I have squandered way to many. And in my 'perfection' I will waste many more.

BUT, I am being more deliberate about how I deplete my heartbeats. And with God's help some will glorify Him and benefit others.

Blessings as you manage your heartbeats.