Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are we having FUN yet?

Today a 35 year old friend said this last summer was not exactly easy. It was an awakening for her.

Her grandmother was no longer the spry and active person she had known for so many years. There really is an end to life.

Also, she saw a ‘reality’ show on TV where a drinking-partying young man came to the realization, “This (lifesyle) isn’t fun anymore and if it is not fun what is the point?”

She had never thought of ‘having fun’ as being the criteria for living life. She had gone to school, held jobs and worked for several years. Even done a little partying of her own. We talked for awhile and found that the word ‘fun’ can have very different connotations. Fun changes from toddler to teen, teen to twenties and so forth. Satisfying or fulfilling may be ‘fun’ as we become more mature. And fun is more of a by-product of accomplishment. Some people get stuck in a certain ‘age’ of fun even though they grow older.

The distillation of what is truly important was starting to dawn on her. Getting her to include God is the next step.

Blessings as you find 'FUN' in your life.