Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting 'Let Off the Hook'

Y'all remember the story in Matthew 28 about the fellow who owed lots and lots and lots of money. How he and his wife and children and all he had were to be sold to repay the debt.

  • Ouch! Selling all you have.
  • Ouch!! Having to be sold into slavery.
  • Ouch!!! Being responsible for your wife and children on the auction block of slavery to pay your debts.
  • Talk about ultimate bankruptcy.

He begged for patience so he could repay the debt. (Everyone knew he could not ever come close to paying that amount.)

Wow!!! The debt was cancelled and he was let go.

He was 'let off the hook'.

  • Debt cancelled.
  • No guilt.
  • No shame.
  • Clean slate.
  • What a great day.
  • What a great feeling.

Chew on that for a minute.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eight things about me.

I am old enough to know better.

I learned to like coconut meringue pie and steak without sauce from my dad and lemon meringue pie and Italian cooking from Deb.

I have never known, not enjoying flying.

I still enjoy roller coasters.

There is something soothing about reading the Bible.

Working together with Deb has always been one of my greatest pleasures.

One of the greatest smiles you will ever see is when you truly compliment and encourage someone.

Being on God’s time is often hard and uncomfortable … until I let go.