Thursday, January 28, 2010

Opportunity is Knocking

Will you open the door?
Yes, but which one?

'Opportunity is knocking' something we hear over and over. We hear it so much because there are opportunities for change surrounding us with each breath we take. Opportunities to just keep on like yesterday or opportunities to choose extremely different than we did before.

Because of our moral compass we choose one thing over another without even thinking about it. There is very little temptation to do or choose the wrong thing when we pattern our lives to not include the wrong thing. We set ourselves up for success by continually picking the opportunity that is in line with where we want to go with our lives.

Remember the WWJD phase the country went through a few years ago. For people who rarely thought about how their lives lined up with Jesus and his teachings this was an eye opening experience for them.

Setting your moral compass is the first step in lessening the stress over the choices you have to make each day. If you choose to follow the pattern of Christ and his teachings many of each day's dilemmas would be eliminated. Choices become almost automatic. Deliberating hours over the options quickly become no-brainer decisions.

It is interesting to me when I create a pattern for my life, part of a moral compass, how so many things have no interest or draw to me. An easy example is; how I have never been attracted to the lure of drugs and dope. That choice was made a very long time ago and those opportunities have never been of interest to me. On the other hand as I become educated about eating habits,. chicken fried steak everyday for dinner probably would not be the best choice for me. I am learning to change the pattern of my eating habits to match my activity levels and metabolism.

Watch your opportunities and choices for a month, see where you have patterns set up and where you may need to change a pattern or two.