Friday, July 25, 2008

Resting on my Laurels

'rest on (one's) laurels'
To rely on one's past achievements instead of working to maintain or advance one's status or reputation.

Boy it is easy to do. 'I've worked hard to get here...I deserve a rest.' 'Look how much I have improved.' It is great to take a break and smell the roses, listen to nature, and walk in the garden with God. You can be refreshed in being quiet. aaahhhhhhhhh

The problem begins when the rest becomes a stay. We take our eyes off the long term goal and settle into atrophy. BTDT (Been there done that.) Usually the more I in my statements the longer the stay. Looking outside of myself the perspective changes, God and others become the focus again.

I want to encourage you to seek ways to improve yourself, especially your relationship with the Almighty. Spend time in his word, in prayer, meditaion, song, and service. As God and others become our focus we get off 'high center' and begin to move forward.