Monday, November 17, 2008

The Ripple Effect

On the farm we had stock tanks and ponds for the cattle to drink from. They varied from a metal tank a few feet across to a pond a few yards in width. One thing common to all ponds is on a calm day the surface would be smooth as glass. Being a young whipper snapper, it wouldn't take long for me to find a rock to throw. Breaking the serene mirror with a toss was always a treat. And almost as much fun as throwing the rock, was watching the ripples created on the water. First you had the rings emminating out from the center. Then as they reached the edge they would bounce back intercepting the original ripples. The reflected ripples were not as strong, but they were still created by one rock.

There are several thoughts to be drawn from this simple act of a young boy.

  • No matter where or who you are, by existing you are being a rock in the pond of life.
  • You are sending out ripples as you connect with this world.
  • Each choice you make determines what is in the ripple created.
  • You have no control of a ripple once it is in motion.
  • Often the ripple will return back to you reflected off someone, something it comes in contact with.