Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Refreshment

Spring showers, spring flowers, SPRING TRAINING.

Had a great time with Deb experiencing a few days of Texas Rangers spring training in Surprise, AZ.

It was fun learning the etiquette of spring training. There are obvious rules - Don't Cross the Red Lines - Stay OFF the fields. A more subtle one, they are happy to take time to sign your memorabilia, just be polite and wait your turn as they walk from one practice area to another. Sometimes they don't have much time, but they stay as long as they can and are even apologetic if they have to go to 'work'. The minor leaguers enjoy a little attention, also.

One of the things that struck me as quietly poignant, after batting practice EVERYONE helps pick up the baseballs!

They don't have some flunky out there running around gathering them up for next batting practice - they could - but, they don't. The pitchers had a fielding practice and afterwards they ALL helped gather up bats and balls.

For more photographs and great perspective check out Deb's thoughts at 'Creative Soul'. She is an enlightening communicator. You will enjoy her perspective.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


An airplane is a little like a boat in a river. If the boat is going downstream the boat goes the same speed through the water, but with the current pushing from behind goes faster in reference to the shore. If the boat is going upstream, against the current, it goes slower in reference to the shore. An airplane going into the wind, or headwind is like a boat going against the current. The airplane with a headwind still flies at the same speed through the air, the headwind just slows the plane in reference to the ground.

In the last few trips we have encountered some hefty headwinds, some reaching over 1oo mph. In fact yesterday we saw a headwind of 173 mph for a segment of the flight. If you are familiar with small airplanes, you will know in most of them you would be backing up with that much headwind. If you encounter some very strong headwinds you did not plan for, you will need to land your airplane and get more fuel to reach your destination. There are a couple of things you can do to combat headwinds, but mainly you just have to put up with them or not go.

Living life can be a little like flying an airplane. Sometimes you have a headwind and you just can't seem to get anywhere. So you have a couple of options. You can go park you plane in the hanger, waiting for better conditions. Or you can get in your plane and soar into the skies doing the best you can. Both can be right answers.